Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our First Post!

So, I finally gave in, buckled down and created a blog to share not only training tips and articles but to highlight the dogs in our program as well as any progress they're making. As most of you know we currently had three dogs in the program up until Sunday,when Miss Jersey was adopted. We are now down to Latte and Theo and I've decided to do a separate entry for each dog detailing how they came to be a part of Bowman's Canine as well as the progress they've made.

So let's start with the Lovely Latte!

I first heard about Latte from a friend who continued to volunteer at a shelter I formerly worked at. She had expressed to me that she knew Latte was a good girl but had ended up on the euthanasia radar for being "too hyper". At the time Latte was about 8 months old and as stunning as ever. I agreed to meet with my friend just outside of the shelter since, at the time, I was still not allowed on the property (we're all good now but this was about a year and a half ago). As I waited patiently by my truck, little Latte began approaching while on leash with my friend. I could tell at first she was a little shy and was carefully scanning me to determine if I was friend or foe so I kneeled down sideways, turned my head to the side so as not to make direct eye contact and started telling her what a pretty and sweet girl she was in my best Mickey Mouse voice.

She immediately came running over, sniffed my hand and then attempted to jump in my lap. Now, I'm not going to lie, Latte had enough energy to put the energizer bunny to shame but she was 8 months old, a pit and a brindle one at that. Being the proud momma of a brindle female pittie myself I already knew what I was getting myself into. I couldn't help but fall in love with Latte immediately. I did my usual evaluation just to make sure their were no red flags and other than being extra wiggly, I saw no reason for her to be on the "euth radar". I agreed, on the spot, to rescue her if we could find a way to exit her without it being public knowledge that I was the one doing the rescuing.

Thanks to lots of help from several volunteers and a few staff members, Latte was pulled from the shelter and transferred to Bowman's Canine. A few days later we ended up also pulling another dog, Buddy, from San Diego Humane North Campus who just so happened to be 8 months old as well. Buddy was quite the charmer and was able to get chummy with Latte in no time. They both gave each other fantastic bouts of confidence and drool.

At the time, Latte had ZERO manners, she pulled on the leash, didn't know any basic commands, wouldn't sit still for more than a minute and was basically a bucking bronco if I've ever seen one. Latte is now almost 2 years old and is a refined lady with lots of love to give. She knows sit, down, stay, come, release, leave it, is crate trained and housebroken. She is dog selective but warms up to most dogs in time. She's also still a little wary of strange men when we're out and about but if you're a guest at the ranch, she's all over you quicker than white on rice.

Now if you follow me on facebook (www.facebook.com/bowmanscanine or www.facebook.com/bowmanscaninerescue) than you've probably heard that about a week and a half ago, Latte was attacked while on a walk with me by my neighbors two German Shepherd Chow mixes, after they broke out of their yard. The damage was pretty significant, she ended up needing 3 drains and about 8-10 sutures. We thankfully received a lot of support from our supporters, clients and friends which helped pay a big chunk of Latte's $1000 vet bill. The neighbors are going to help reimburse us for the vet bill by making monthly payments to us, so that is already squared away.

Yesterday, Latte had the last of her sutures removed and is now healing BEAUTIFULLY! She's still a bit wary of any shepherd she sees but thankfully still loves her current boyfriend Theo.

Here's a picture of my lovely Latte:

Well, I guess that's all for today. I'm really looking forward to blogging about Theo and his progress tomorrow. He's going to be one of our biggest success stories, I can already tell.

Until next time.....

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