Friday, September 23, 2011

A Thank You Letter To My Dog

Thank you for always greeting me when I come home with a waggy tail and wet kisses.
Thank you for always waking me up in the morning with bright eyes and unending enthusiasm for the day
Thank you for reminding me to take time out of my life to enjoy the sun even if I’m not laying out in it the way you do
Thank you for curling up beside me when I cry and reminding me to breathe when I’m mad/frustrated
Thank you for reminding me car rides CAN be fun even if my heads not out the window
Thank you for showing me that where there’s a will there is a way, even if it results in getting your head stuck down a hole while trying to catch that evil gopher
Thank you for filling my heart with love just by looking at me with your big brown eyes
Thank you for showing me there’s humor in everything, especially when you do something so stupid, I can’t help but laugh
Thank you for always getting the extra food I left on my face, so that I don’t embarrass myself
Thank you for looking sad when I leave so that I can’t wait to come home
Thank you for warming my feet when my husband steals all the comforters
Thank you for reminding me a game of “Hey give me back my shoe” is an easy way for me to get in my cardio for the day
Thank you for cleaning the floor anytime I spill anything
Thank you for knocking everything off of my coffee table with your tail and reminding me that memories are more important than objects

Most of all thank you for sticking with me, day in and day out. Thank you for your unending devotion, love and loyalty. You truly are my best friend.

My boy Joey and I

My girl Money and I

My husband with our smallest dog Prancer

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